February 9, 2015

Leaving on Some Jet Planes!!!

Greetings Friends,

LAX to Istanbul in T-Mius 1 Hour
Today is the day! Currently I am sitting in the LAX (Los Angeles) airport with our travel team waiting to board a flight on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, Turkey! It is a 13.5 hour flight (ugh) then from there we will fly to Tel Aviv...then from there...we will bus to "Ma'agan Kibbutz" in Tiberias in the Galilee. It'll be a long time of travel, but all worth it when we finally arrive at our hotel around 2am local time (4pm Tuesday Pacific Standard Time).

I left home this morning at 7am. It was hard to say goodbye to Kealy and the kids;, but they seemed to have a good day and I have already checked in on 'facetime' with them a couple times.

It has been great getting to know the people on our travel team. Some of them are students that I've known previously, others are spouses and people that the tour company where are going with, "marantha tours' has grouped us up with. There are people on are team from Portland, San Diego, Chicago, Vancouver, Utah and California! We are all pilgrims excited about the chance to see Israel and grow closer to God together.

You won't hear from me tomorrow as we will be flying and sleeping. I will post the next update around noon on Wednesday your time after our first day of touring in the Galilee. We will be going up to the north of Israel to Hazor and Caesarea Philippi. These are both areas I've never been to before and am VERY excited to see them.
The Traditional Picture of the PDX Carpet! 

Hope you all have had a great Monday!

Your Fellow Pilgrim,


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Travis Campbell said...

Reading along with you brother. God bless and travel safe.