November 24, 2009

Updates from The Thorson Family: Week 33

Dear Friends and Family,

Today marked the 33 week milestone of Kealy's pregnancy. This week has gone by fast. We are looking forward to an important ultrasound next Tuesday, that will give us a window into the little ones' development over the past month as well as there positioning which is important when considering what type of birth they will experience.

After so many wonderful showers from family and friends, we've had a fun time trying to 'organize' the nursery. We have more and more things that we need in order to give the kids a good start. These are just a few of the wonderful 'gifts' we've been given.

During one of the showers, the participants 'created' these little onesies for the babies:

After a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with the college students last night, we decided it was appropriate to put up our Christmas decorations, so that we could relax after our weekend with family this week. We enjoyed putting up our tree and other special homemade and family decorations.

We are so thankful that we've had so much time to spend together to prepare for this exciting new adventure. During this week of Thanksgiving, we've had chances to reflect on all the wonderful things God has blessed us with, as well as a renewed call to continue to be a blessing to others. Thank you for your love and support, we are so thankful to be bringing our kids into a community and family with so much love!

Stay tuned for more updates!

in Christ,
Ryan and Kealy Thorson

November 18, 2009

Updates From The Thorson Family: Week 32 Upate

Here we are at 32 weeks! According to the book the babies should weigh four pounds each. We just had an appointment and the babies heartbeats sounded good, the doctor had a hard time keeping track of the girl because she was moving around so much. Ryan could see both of them move as the doctor tried to get the heartbeats.

We have an ultrasound in two weeks to see the positions of the babies and to see the amount of nutrition the babies are getting. The next day we will see the doctor for results. We asked how much after the 36 weeks will be safe for the babies, if we would go to the 40 weeks? He said that they don't want to go longer then 38 because the nutrition and room often runs out and they don't need to go the whole 40 weeks. He also said that if I go into labor before 34 weeks they will try to stop labor, but after 34 weeks is okay. So the babies could come, anytime, but really two to six weeks is the window. That's crazy! We are so excited, it's really hard waiting. God is so amazing and we are thankful for so many reason. We are monitoring the babies movement. They are quite active and are now making my stomach lopsided. You may be wondering about a C-section, at this point we don't know. It will depend on the positions of the babies. But we talked with the doctor and all of us want to not do a C-section unless we have to, which is good that he agrees too. We are still talking Lamaze classes and learning what we can.

Ryan is the best husband, I got home today and he had cleaned the whole house, had a fire going and Christmas music playing and fresh juice to drink. Later that night he made me taco salad for dinner. Delicious! He is a hard worker and a caring husband.
Ryan also preached on Sunday, It's really nice that he got this opportunity to share God's word. I'm really proud of him and the man he is.