June 11, 2009

Double The Blessing

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound of the baby. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. As they started the ultrasound, Kealy and I were both looking intently at the small screen in front of us. Suddenly, a small white blob in the shape of a kidney bean appeared on the screen. "That must be the baby!" I thought to myself. Suddenly, however, it disappeared, and another white blob, now on the other side of the picture, appeared. "What's that?" I thought to myself. The n, the doctor uttered three words that blew us away: "You're having twins". Kealy and I were both speechless. We couldn't believe that there were two babies inside of her. We had become jokingly suspicious after being teased about the possibility and hearing about how many twins were in both sides of our family, but we never actually allowed our minds to go there. But true enough, we've received 'Double the Blessing'.

Honestly, we're both still in a little bit of shock. We went to Applebee's for dinner after the appointment to 'celebrate', but neither of us ate very much. I think we are just overwhelmed at the adjustment at this point, not to say that we are any less excited about the news, but still in shock, I think. Today has been a day of processing and realizing everything that will change. We did have a wonderful lunch with Kealy's grandparents, who brought us the TWO stuffed puppies pictured above. Fortunately, we both have the day off, so we are able to relax and process the exciting news. We are also so thankful that we have such a great community of support surrounding us for this new adventure.

The ultrasound showed that both of the babies are healthy and growing just the way they are supposed to. Their heartbeats are very strong and one of them even moved for us during the ultrasound. Kealy's blood work and tests also came back very positive. You can also see in one of the ultrasound pictures below that the babies are in their own growth sacks. The doctor said this was great news because they will each have their own 'space' to grow without risk of getting tangled together. Its so nice that they are practicing sharing space together already!

Thank you for your prayers so far. We would love for 'double' the prayer effort now, for continued safety and healthy growth as we continue to enjoy this pregnancy together. We have a more complete and thorough ultrasound in two weeks that will continue to help us monitor the growth of our two 'little ones'. Stay tuned...

with love,
Ryan and Kealy Thorson (plus two!)

June 3, 2009

Beauty in Bloom

Hey Everybody,

Hey...we're doing pretty good at the weekly update thing so far. We had a GREAT first appointment with the LPN at the OBGYN on Friday (like I know what all those acronyms mean). The nurse gave us a lot of great information and we were able to ask a lot of questions and get them answered. I'm sure they were all the normal questions she usually gets, but she was patient and very informative. We had all the questions about health, exercise, nutrition, etc. that I'm sure most couple's in our position ask. It was a fun way to begin the adventure. A week from today we have our first ultrasound of the baby. We are VERY excited to find out exactly how far along Kealy is and maybe even hear the heartbeat of our 'little one'.

We are so thankful for God's providence in moving us to West Salem last December, into a three bedroom apartment. We are really enjoying our place and I often find myself wandering into what will be the nursery and just sitting and dreaming. The other fun things about our place are the backyard and the garage. The garage because it gives us a place to play ping pong, and the backyard because it is the first time we've had a yard of our own to enjoy. The backyard has been especially 'active' and bringing forth some beautiful flowers, as you can see by the pictures below. We also bought some vegetables and herbs at a local Saturday market and planted them last weekend. We planted a tomato plant, zucchini, two kinds of pepper, some basil and sage. Hopefully
I won't kill the plants...

Thanks for all of your continued prayers and we will let you know next week how the first ultrasound goes!

in Christ,
Ryan and Kealy