May 27, 2009

Trip To Boise+Pickles, etc.

Hey Everybody,

I think we'll keep trying to make a weekly update during our new adventure. Thank you to all of you for your congratulations and your prayers. Tomorrow the 'little one' inside of Kealy will be eight weeks along. We are excited for our first appointment with her doctor on Friday, even if it is only for a general examination and to answer any questions we might have (we've been keeping a list).

We had a wonderful last couple weekends together, traveling to Boise to see Mark and getaway, as well as spending Memorial Weekend in Seattle with our college/career ministry. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, but still great adventures. Here's a few pictures from the past two weekends.

Kealy is feeling well and we are both working hard to eat right and exercise. We have spent a lot of time at the gym and are enjoying navigating our way around Minto Brown Park here in Salem. We borrowed some books from the library that had some great recipes for pregnant mothers and are enjoying some high-protein strawberry milkshakes. All of the fruit in season has been Kealy's main source of snacks. As long as she eats consistently she feels well. That is a good thing since many pregnancies experience morning sickness at this stage in the game. We're hoping she continues to feel well. We picked up some pickles today at the store, just because its a pregnancy tradition, right? Kealy said they still tasted great! We're so thankful for this precious gift and are praying that the 'little one' will grow strong and healthy. We'll keep you updated on how the appointments go, thank you for all your prayers and excitement for us!

in Christ,
Ryan and Kealy

May 18, 2009

Announcing A New Arrival Soon!

Hey Everybody,

Yet another adventure is upon us. We want all of you to know that KEALY IS PREGNANT! We are very excited about this news and to share this journey with each of you.

We found out about 10 days ago, just in time to surprise our parents on Mother's Day which was a wonderful surprise. Hopefully we've had an opportunity to contact most of you, but we wanted to use this blog as another way to announce the big news.

She is about six weeks along and we have our first appointment with the doctor on May 29th. Please be praying along with us that the baby is healthy and growing and that Kealy will continue to feel well and be healthy.

We are looking forward to reigniting this blog so that you can join us on this adventure of pregnancy and we can let all of you know how things are coming along.

We are thrilled to be adding another member to our family. It is something we have been praying and hoping for for a while and God has always been faithful in His perfect timing. We are so excited to start a new phase of life with 'the three of us'!

Thank you for you all of your prayers and support. We are so excited to bring our baby into a world and community full of so much love. We'll keep you posted!

in Christ,

Ryan and Kealy Thorson