October 20, 2009

Updates From The Thorson Family: Week 28

"This week your babies are 28 weeks! Any premature births from this point on have a very successful survival rate. Babies skill of the week: blinking. Yes, along with the other tricks in a growing repertoire that already includes coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths, your baby can now blink those sweet little eyes."-What To Expect When You're Expecting

Hello Friends and Family,

From the Little Ones: This weekend our parents took us to the beach. We overheard them saying that this was their last chance to 'get away' before we change their lives forever, but we thought this was funny, since we were with them the whole time. We could tell that they were having a wonderful weekend. We could feel Mamma's happiness and the food that they ate was delicious for us too. We are able to taste everything that Mamma eats and wow, the clam chowder and garlic bread from that place called Mo's was really good. We also tasted some chocolate and snacks that we're sure we'll love when we get to eat it on our own.

One of our favorite, yet most peculiar, moments, was Friday morning. We heard the wonderful sound of the ocean that sounded a lot like the sounds from inside Mamma. We could hear Mamma and Daddy talking and having a wonderful time. For a while they stopped and just stood and we could hear the sounds of the ocean really well, they must have been close to the waves. It was a peaceful moment. Then, all of a sudden, we experienced the most wild ride we've ever had. We were being bounced around back and forth, bumping into each other. We had no clue what was happening! We heard them yelling and screaming and laughing about the wave that snuck up on them. They must have been okay. It was quite the wild ride though. We liked it.

From Kealy: Thursday I took a glucose test to see if I have diabetes, which is common check up during a pregnancy. At our appointment today the test results were good. We heard their heart beats today and the doctor said that our little boy was being active. The girl has been moving around too, but she's a little shy. Next week we have another ultrasound to see the weight of the babies making sure they are growing. They are about two in a half pounds according to the books.

Ryan was talking with the babies and they started moving as he was talking. It's really fun to see them move when they respond to our voices and our touch.

From Ryan: Today Kealy and I went to the pumpkin patch for the first time ever together. It was a beautiful fall day and we enjoyed every minute of it. We went out into the pumpkin patch and found some beautiful pumpkins that we are going to paint this weekend, one of our favorite fall traditions.

Oh yeah, and when we were leaving the pumpkin patch, down the road just a few hundred yards, I noticed something out of place. There was a camel walking around in a field. On closer inspection, we noticed that this property had more than one exotic animal! There were camels, wallabys and this zebra. Not something you see every day.

in Christ,
The Thorson Family

October 15, 2009

27 Weeks: The First Baby Shower...The Last Getaway

Hello Friends and Family,

This past week was an exciting time for us. The babies are continuing to grow and move around and we can feel and SEE them more and more frequently. We are 'settling in' to the fall season and getting ready for the Arrivals! We have a dry erase board with a list of things we want to accomplish by the 36 week point, just in case the little ones decide to come in December.

This past Saturday, our sister Michelle threw Kealy her first baby shower. The shower attendees were mostly women from our college ministry and church community and they had a wonderful time together. One of the games was a diaper raffle, where for every package of diapers the guest brings they received a raffle ticket. Consequently, we received two months worth of diapers, including this diaper cake!

After the shower it was fun to take the gifts home and organize them and put them into our nursery room. It is taking shape and fun to have a place to 'get ready' for the little ones. We LOVE our themes of ladybugs and turtles intermixed as the babies will be sharing a room together.

One of the funnest things the last few days has been to 'watch' the babies. At times when they are really active we can actually see them moving around. It is fun, having multiple ultrasounds thus far, because we can tell who's moving when. The boy is definitely taking up more space than our daughter, but she'll move around just as much.

This weekend we're taking a chance to 'get away' one last time. We have a chance to spend a few days near Lincoln City and so we are going to get away and enjoy just relaxing with no responsibilities for a few days. It will be nice to spend time together, continuing to enjoy one another and talking about how much life will change in the upcoming months.

Here's a fun photo series of Kealy's 'progression' over the last few months.

in Christ,
Ryan and Kealy Thorson

October 7, 2009

26 weeks!

Hello Everyone,
We had an appointment on Tuesday and got the results back from the ultrasound. The babies are doing really good and are in the 40th percentile for their weight and 50th is average for a singleton. We also got to hear their heartbeats nice and strong. Last Friday I went and got the flu shot that the doctor recommended. This next week I'll be tested for iron, glucose, vitamin D, and more. The Doctor wants to meet with us every two weeks now, now that we are in the third trimester and it's a twin pregnancy. They can come in 10 weeks which would be at 36 weeks and they would be healthy and full term for twins. Our goal is to have everything ready for them by the first week in Dec. because 36 weeks is Dec. 15. Crazy!!! We are so excited!