September 25, 2009

24 Week UltraSound and Back to Work!

Hey Everybody!

This past week we got to see our little ones again. We had a scheduled, in-depth ultrasound during our 24th week. Future grandma Dottie and Aunt Michelle joined us for the ultrasound. It took a little while to get used to what we were looking at, but once we did, it was wonderful to see how much the babies have been growing. After almost doubling in size since the 18 week ultrasound, they'll be doubling in size again until our 28 week ultrasound in October. We were able to see their faces and arms and the ultrasound tech was measuring their heads, bellies and femurs to check growth and health. At this point in the pregnancy, our little girl is 1lb 7 ounces and our little boy is 1lb 5 ounces.

These past few weeks has also begun getting back into our fall rhythm. We were both so thankful for all the wonderful things we were able to do this summer and the amount of time we got to spend together. We are cherishing every moment together and looking forward to the day when our little ones arrive. Kealy started her first day back at subbing on Wednesday. She is going to continue to work as much as she is comfortable with and the doctor allows as the pregnancy continues. We're both going for flu shots today to keep her and the babies safe. I am back in the full swing of school. It is funny however, how unimportant all of those things seem in contrast to this great new adventure that is about to begin!

We are enjoying being able to feel the babies kick more and more and they are so very active. They really like it when we sing to them and read to them, responding with multiple kicks every time their daddy says hello. During the ultrasound, it was fascinating for Kealy to both see and feel the babies kick at the same time! I cannot believe that there are TWO human beings growing inside of my petite wife!

We are so thankful for how well the pregnancy has been going so far. Both Kealy and the babies have got nothing but good reports and we are thankful for all of your prayers as we continue to enjoy this adventure of pregnancy. Please continue to pray for the safety and health of our little ones and their mother.

in Christ,
Ryan and Kealy Thorson

Here are some pictures from our most recent ultrasound. In them you can see the babies facial profiles and their heads 'snuggling' together.

(Our son's face and hand waving)

(Our daughter's face and hand waving)

(Snuggling together)

September 7, 2009

Babies Update!

Hey Everybody,

This first part of this blog was written at the end of July: Thursday was the 17th week of pregnancy. The babies are healthy and starting to move around a little in there. They had visitors watching them at the last ultrasound/check up their grandma(Tanya) and their great grandma(Carol) and great grandpa (Dorn). What a good time. The babies were moving around, moving their little hands. We could see their little heart beats and even their spin.

Aug. 18th we have a two hour appointment at the hospital to find out the gender of the babies. It has been really hard for Ryan and I to wait to find out, we are so excited. Ryan just got back from Mexico with eleven other people.

Today's Writing looking back:

August 18th come and we found out that we are having a boy and a girl:0) We are so happy! The ultra sound was really fun to see them move, kick and yawn. About fourty-five minutes into the ultrasound the tech had me puff out my stomatch to get a better look. Right as I did we knew right away that it was a boy! I laughed and cried at the same time, I've never done that before because I was so happy. Ryan couldn't stop smiling. Once they were done looking at the heart, spin, skull, and much more they went onto look at baby A. Right when we saw baby A she had her legs crossed, what a lady:0) It took the tech awhile to find everything that they needed because our little girl was hiding. We didn't know that the tech was looking for the gender and all of a sudden she said "I think it's a girl?" Ryan and I look at each other and ask "you think it's a girls?" both of us thinking what does that mean? We looked at different angles and it really was a girl:0) How perfect! A wonderful little boy and a wonderful little girl!

The next two weeks we headed to junior high camp and high school camp. Ryan spoke at the junior high camp and lead music and the pit crew at the high school camp. He did a really good job. I'm really proud of him of the man and leader that he is. It was nice because we were there together. Right before camp Ryan got to feel the babies kick! It was really neat sharing that together. The babies have only gotten stronger in their kicks.

This last week we set aside it to be a Baby Week:0)

Monday: My mom, grandpa, grandma came down to help us set up the nursery and guest room. We panted the crib and changing table. Cleared out the rooms. It turned out really nice. They are fast movers, we got a lot down.

Wednesday: We registered at Target, Babies R Us, and Baby Depot in Burlington coat factory. It was a really long day but a fun one. We found the babies bed sets, high chairs, car seats, etc.

Saturday: Visited the hospital for a tour of the family birth center. At this point our plan is to deliver at the Salem Hospital.

We appreciate everyone's excitement for the babies. We are at twenty-one weeks and they are about 7 in long. We are over half way there!!! Five months down four to go:0). I feel so blessed and thankful.

Kealy Faye